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We Are Leaders

Our agency offers the flexibility and personality of a small business with the resource of a worldwide marketing group.

More about Cosine

More about Cosine Cosine Benelux is the new, rapidly growing sales and marketing office in the Dutch and Belgian markets with ambitious plans for the future. As a part of the Omnicom Group we have access to the world’s largest marketing group but our smaller size allows us to be focused on your needs and do things quickly. Rather than just using data as the final tool to evaluate our activities we use insights in order to devise the best strategies, therefore, our campaigns deliver a high ROI.

True pioneers in technology

True pioneers in the field of technology Cosine is a true pioneer in the field of technology, we are the first field marketing agency to incorporate the groundbreaking Salesforce platform into our sales and marketing campaigns. Recently we have integrated Google Maps into our Salesforce platform to build better call file efficiency in our operations. We know that providing our teams with the latest technologies and tools to do an effective job makes a difference to their impact in store. The latest tablets allows them to interact with your customers like never before. This does not, however, mean that we have finally said goodbye to paper if this is the correct solution for your campaign. We’ve also used the latest technology to help with our recruitment effectiveness, using social media recruitment strategies means we can recruit large field teams with the right skills and fast.