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Developing retail sales

Our market leading approach allows us to support your retail strategy and our understanding of how to influence in retail will increase your sales.

Retail Experts

We have expertise working across various channels and markets including; supermarkets, drugstores, restaurants, consumer electronics and petrol forecourts.

We know how to build strong relationships with store personnel and find the best solution to increasing loyalty to your brand to increase your sales. Our people are fully trained in the store systems of various retailers and know how to ensure they increase the availability of your product(s).

We don’t think that a one size fits all strategy works in the retail channels; we learn the ethics and strategy of your business and brand to ensure our team become true ambassadors.

Creative Solutions

We like to think outside the box and develop passionate and innovate techniques to achieve your goals. We do not simply copy and paste from a previous activity; each activity is new but informed from the learning’s of our past and that of our European partner agencies.


Whether our clients are involved in a simple or very complex project, we work closely with them in both cases to ensure we build the correct solution together.

Through our channel and product knowledge combined with market insights we provide added value not just to your project but to your business as a whole.

We believe in success through optimum cooperation with our clients. The sharing of knowledge and experience often drives the best results. The openness that we have with our customers gives us and you great confidence in what we do.

Insights Driven Analysis

We are constantly updating and researching new retail and consumer market data, to ensure we always have what is required for new projects. Cosine operate a stand alone team, our Business Insights Team, within our business to obtain and work with our insights and data; this means they do not get caught up in operational and other often time-consuming parts of an activity.